Case Studies

Case Studies are a great way to see where projects come from and how to size them. I will include the following data in the case studies that are not very obvious but are very important. These will include:

  • The Orgin: This will provide insight into where and how to market your services.
  • Buyers Expectation: This will tell you if your Buyer is experienced  and whether their expectations are realistic.
  • Deal Analysis: This is where we run the numbers to determine if it’s a doable deal.Do you have a Lender or do you need to locate a lender and where and how to do it. Whether it’s worth your time and effort and how to profit from the processes.
  • ​Developing and presenting your proposal: What to propose and how to actually do it.

If you have a project that you would like to be considered for our case study training, submit it here:

Single Family Portfolio Acquisition – 50 Plus Properties

Bowling Alley Refinance And Assumption –

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