Fast Start Systems

NOTE:The programs below are designed to be used in your local U.S. Markets.

1. 8 Week Step By Step Training Program-Recommended for all Members

This process was created for the methodical and detailed student that is concerned about learning and mastering the fundamentals rather that Buying properties or businesses. This is the best place to start to identify the best market, products, services, properties and strategies to use.

This training will help you to identify where you should begin, how you should begin and the steps to take to start.

Our other training programs provides strategies to implement with no consideration for other options.This course provided you with numerous options and then you decide which path you want to go.

Unlike the other programs, this is a very detailed and effective place to begin regardless of your background. You have Weekly task to perform and you can work at your own pace.

Our Promise: At the end of the training, you will now how and where to begin based on what your really wan

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2. 30 Day 6 Figure Formula – Local Property Pre Sell System

This is the process we use to structure 6 Figure Paydays in 30 days. It was created to generate fast funds for closing cost, rehab expenses and for Debt elimination. The uniqueness of this program is:

The uniqueness of this program is:

  • checkRequires No Credit
  • checkNo Lender
  • checkNo Properties To Begin 
  • checkIt’s a Self Funding Strategy

          Skills Requires For This Strategy:

  • checkAbility To Talk With Cash Buyers
  • checkThe Ability To Explain A Process To Strangers
  • checkA understading of How To Make Offers 
  • checkSolid Understanding Of The Closing Process

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3. 60 Day 6 Figure Formula – Local BIG Box Property Flips

This strategy is geared towards profiting from large Big empty properties in local areas. In this training we will discuss theory and practical application of the process. This strategy is focused on structuring 6 and 7 Figure property flips in a very small niche’. There is a small market of Buyers that are hungry for these BIG Box properties.

What’s Required For This Program?

  1. Contract To Purchase Or Option To Purchase For 60 Days.
  2. Earnest Money Deposit to secure the property. In this strategy, there is no exception to securing the property. So capital is essential. From $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 may be required.This is not a no money down strategy. Capital is required! 
  3. The ability to present property proposals to qualified Buyers.
  4. Basic business and real estate contract understanding.

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4. 90 Day 6 Figure Formula – Local Property Net Lease Value Add 

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5. Acquisition Financing Reverse – Back Door Acquisition System 

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