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  1. Mr. Durante you are the best. We have to keep our vision consistence. “As you say where there is no vision the people perish. We have to see it feel it and believe it.

    Thank you for every thing. I except to win, I except to succeed. Thank You !

  2. Is this where we can place suggestions for Thursday night topics or questions?
    If so here’s a couple I have:

    I would like to run a membership site from within my corporate site, is this feasible or should I build a site specifically for memberships? How do you correctly setup a membership site?

    I would like to offer and host a mini website to my members, so how do you setup a subdomain, or is there a better way to do it? What pages besides “Legal”, would you include in a mini-site?

    I realize bandwidth can be an issue, so should videos be embedded in my site or run on an alternate site like AWS? If so how do you set that up?

    If this isn’t where I should be posting this please LMK so I can re-post, TIA.

  3. what is the 100% program what is the minimum amount of the loan and how to do you add the 20% equity

    how do you change your web page and or add the web page

    how do you ge t a client to agreement to a underwriting package from loopnet and or other web sites like that

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